IP on the two hundred day, $2, to see how I do

      the last time in the Admin5 submission, tells me to do a webmaster experience and experience (entitled "no advertising website can do for a long time"). However, many webmasters have said it is difficult to believe that the day IP800, Alexa ranking how to do 60 thousand. For this problem, I am also very difficult to resolve, because I do which is an English website, visitors are mostly from abroad, so I guess it may be a relatively high degree of foreign users to install Alexa Bar bar. And I was on the site set up a translation team, Pageview is quite high. Perhaps the day IP 800, can do Alexa ranking is not surprising to do more than 60 thousand.

      today to continue this topic, the date of IP 200, which is too simple for most of the webmaster, just pick up some articles will be able to complete the thousands of IP, 200IP I’m afraid that only a mini site. This website I want to say is I mentioned last time English website (http://China-corner.com), had made this website is to learn, never thought to rely on him to make money, so I had done almost what promotion, leaving a directory URL, and required to log on to this directory site put my site link. And rely on this for a lot of links.

      then I is how the IP 200 site for all income is $2?

      in fact, I’m not an experienced webmaster, or that it is a very junior webmaster. Put GG AD is also the beginning of a month, and now basically 2 yuan daily income of documents, of course, a knife? 2? Hey, what is not for you, 2 knives is about 14RMB, enough to buy a box of cigarettes, but do not forget that it is only 200IP.

      1) at the beginning of GG AD I just put the GG code posted to the web page or pages are basically no deformation, click rate, and IP and pageview are reduced, no way, spent with the research "with the GG AD code for long days, always the comparison of fusion, with less amount of that click on display are disproportionately few tenths, which did not know what is the use of eCPM.

      2) to adjust the display color of GG AD, so that advertising color with the page more integration, the effect has been improved.

      3) to improve the click through rate, how to improve the click through rate? You can’t control user clicks, but you can control the display of ads. Some click rate is not high simply removed (this will have to use GG channels to monitor), to get rid of these low click rate, then >