Ministry of Commerce to talk about the current situation of electricity supplier the problem is stil

recently, the first 2015 Chinese Changchun e-commerce industry summit, Nie Linhai, deputy director of Chinese Ministry of Commerce and information technology division at the summit keynote speech, said that after 10 years of development time, China electronic commerce transactions increased by 10 times, but are frequent in behind the rapid development of infringement and counterfeiting and other issues, and to be solved.

it is understood that 10 years ago, China’s e-commerce transactions amounted to RMB 130 million yuan. The latest data released by China’s National Bureau of statistics show that in 2014 China’s total e-commerce transactions reached 1 billion 639 million yuan.

however, in the development of China’s electricity supplier industry, there are still many problems need to be solved. Nie Linhai road further example, the retail sector in the network, infringement and counterfeiting products; the existing policy has not yet been fully adapt to the development of electronic commerce; whether it is business or personal shop on the Internet, it is difficult to achieve profitability. In a platform is mostly able to occupy the first page of the store will be profitable, in order to seize the home page led to the seller malicious brush, malicious competition".

for solving the problem, Nie Linhai said that the relevant departments should cultivate a unique platform for the electricity supplier, the diversion of the seller, so that everyone can make money". In the shop owner, Nie Linhai suggested that the crowd should have a brand, professionalism, quality win.

talked about the development trend of e-commerce in the future, Nie Linhai believes that the future China e-commerce will present the commodity trading network, and agricultural products to choose two-way goods and services and the people’s livelihood, social development pattern of customized personalized merchandise.