Review 6 & 18 electricity supplier Wars cross-border electricity providers to play the leading role

review: iResearch Business Analyst Zhang Xiangli said that this year’s Shopping Festival has two, one is a large number of cross-border imports of goods on-line; second is the overall brand recommendation increased.


June 18th, the electricity supplier once again created an artificial shopping festival.

Compared to

for violent double eleven marks the end of 2014, this year’s 6· 18 little giant tit for tat between. Following Tmall’s dual eleven anniversary day, Jingdong has become one of the annual electricity supplier promotional war, the major electricity supplier platform have the "holiday" for years to promote, displaying and selling various goods.

,, Gome online are strong participation in 6· 18, although used 616 years to promote the name, Dangdang tail collection of the two anniversary of the banner, but the time is almost the same with 6· 18.

e-commerce system supplier "business school" Vice President count three Yong told reporters, "this year compared to last year, businesses more care from the goods ready to prepare for a more adequate system." He expects this year’s 6· 18 sales will increase 30%-50% than in previous years, but compared to the double eleven, still less than an order of magnitude.

In addition, a number of analysts have said that this year 6· 18 compared to last year, in the consumer banking and financial products on the service of a step further on the

. In the payment system, this year 6· 18 also directly involved in online and offline promotions.

push cross-border goods

6· 18 promotion at the same time, is also a serious homogenization of the electricity supplier platform started the brand opportunity. It is not difficult to find that in the category, the home appliance business is based on their own characteristics of the layout. The foundation of Jingdong in the digital and home appliances,’s focus on beauty baby, Ocean Terminal etc. sea Amoy website push cross-border goods. While looking at each electricity supplier, 3C appliances are the mainstream discount category, but also strongly recommend their own cross-border platform. Ali and Jingdong for 6· 18 to develop the theme of the 6, the first one is the cross-border commodity on-line.

iResearch consulting electricity supplier analyst Zhang Xiangli said that this year’s Shopping Festival has two changes, one of which is a large number of cross-border imports of goods on the line; the second is the whole, the brand recommended increase in goods. She believes that in recent years, consumer demand for goods has changed from low prices to quality goods. According to iResearch data, in 2015 Q1, B2C scale has exceeded C2C." She told reporters.

Ji Sanyong believes that cross-border electricity supplier has been a hot spot in recent years, 6· 18 push cross-border activities of the various sales platform, take this opportunity to promote. Cross border electricity supplier threshold is relatively high, large manufacturers have the ability to do. He also mentioned that "cross border goods, maternal and child supplies turnover tax >