Electricity providers compete for her economy the main push for the promotion of traditional mobile


DoNews March 8th news (reporter Yu Weiwei) business holiday promotion battle for a few years, making the festival climbing skill, for the main consumer groups Festival "women’s Day", the business enterprise also not want to let go, have introduced the corresponding preferential and promotional activities.

judging from this year’s promotion, although there are many business platform including Jingdong, Le bee, Suning, launched the purchase discount promotions reduction activities free, but from participation in promotions of category view, the electricity supplier promotional scope from the whole category to narrow the beauty is a single species;

and Ali, Tencent, Baidu and other enterprises, it will focus on the local life services, the introduction of a number of singing, watching movies and other efforts to strengthen the intensity of activities. You can see the path, and the taxi software burn before the war, Ali, Tencent and other enterprises to launch such activities aim is to promote the popularity of mobile payment.

traditional promotions weakened

On the eve of the

38 women’s day, Jingdong has announced the launch of the "butterfly Festival" promotional activities. It is understood that the promotion of the main beauty care products, the goal is to lock the female user.

Xu Lei, senior vice president of Jingdong

said that with the rapid expansion of Jingdong commodity category, the proportion of female users also showed a significant upward trend. Through the improvement of the experience to cater to female users, but also very likely to form a repeat purchase, and promote the sale of clothing, maternal, food and other living categories, to contribute to the performance and profit of Jingdong.

and vip.com after the marriage of Lasafo, as early as the end of February launched the "Peach Blossom Festival" zero profit promotional activities. It is understood that, from February 27th to March 31st, the user can enjoy the full range of 200 yuan to reduce the price of $200 and no cap on the music bee net purchase of goods. At the same time, Lasafo group purchase channels have started 1.9 fold, the audience full of promotional activities 199 yuan to return 200 yuan.

in addition, suning.com also launched the "beauty 3 anniversary", at least 50 to 50, with 100 to 100 promotional activities. Activity time from March 3rd until the end of March 9th, where the mother and child in Suning, beauty shopping users can enjoy the preferential activities. ,

Although several

business platform for the Match 8 Women’s Day promotional activities have already done enough to prepare, and efforts to put the outdoor is awesome as in the past. But the feedback from the user point of view, the more traditional promotion methods, the user has not "zhaodanquanshou", compared with the previous intense repercussions of looting, naturally flat.

mobile payment into the main battlefield

Compared to the

Jingdong, Le bee, Suning, Ali, Tencent, Baidu here described as dadehuore. As early as the end of February, Alibaba had released the news that in March 8th the same day, Taobao will launch a number of mobile phone users 3> support subsidies, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen 8 city line