Taobao is no longer forced to delay the payment of payment limit malicious claims

news August 12th, the day before, released late delivery rule change announcement. The notice said that the buyer violates any of the provisions of the commitment to initiate payment applications, Taobao will no longer be forced to support the payment, but by the seller and the buyer to negotiate their own confirmation.

it was informed that this change is added before this Taobao delay delivery rules previously, sellers regulations, once the breach behavior, need to pay liquidated damages to the buyer; and the buyer initiated a complaint in the seller is not in manual intervention and determine a complaint before the establishment of the initiative to pay liquidated damages, the seller will be a double penalty payment plus points.

it is understood that, prior to this, there are buyers using Taobao delayed shipping rules, malicious goods and claims to make a profit, therefore, in the new rules, Taobao has not added a new mandatory compensation.

the delay in the delivery of Taobao rules change will come into effect on August 15, 2014.

changes are as follows:

Taobao delay shipping rules change notification