NetEase involved in cross-border electricity providers fast, the odds geometry


online games for the main business, with news, mailboxes, music, learning tools, such as the product of the NetEase has always been a lot of Internet Co in the most focus on products, pay attention to temperament. Compared with the BAT of the grand narrative and platform strategy, the NetEase only seems to be associated with the content of products of interest, whether it is the "Westward Journey" online games, news client, cloud music NetEase NetEase or Youdao Dictionary, like this.

along with the repeated customs documents, the national level recognition and encouragement of cross-border electricity supplier gradually clear. Exports and imports of cross-border e-commerce will accelerate the development of clear policy regulation, and may even usher in a wave of capital investment boom. In this context, cross-border electronic business platform "NetEase’s koala sea purchase in January 9th this year, the official beta, the first step of cross-border electricity supplier.

it is worth noting that the sea Amoy industry has entered a period of rapid growth, great potential for development, multi optimistic about the sea Amoy market, whether it is the traditional electricity supplier giant or grassroots entrepreneurs have started layout. Tmall international, Jingdong overseas purchase and other traditional electricity supplier giants have joined the sea Amoy team, backed by the US has the advantage of natural source of Amazon, Amazon China, also launched Chinese website scouring the sea sea ". At the same time a large number of entrepreneurial brand financing sound, sea Amoy grassroots platform is a strong rise. In such a market environment, the NetEase "koala sea purchase" can create success in the field of electronic business kaijiangtuotu? NetEase "koala sea purchase" can in the current relative grey fuzzy sea scouring the market to establish a benchmark, like news, music and other products like "a responsible attitude,"

?Analysis of

koala sea purchase mode

"koala sea purchase flagship baby products, beauty care, health care, food and clothing Home Furnishing digital shoes and bags and other categories, deep source origin direct mining, is the same with Tmall international, honey Amoy sea Amoy brand, is typical of the sea Amoy B2C mode.

B2C companies are scouring the sea based understanding of logistics and international trade rules, play the domestic sea Amoy market Pathfinder role, much favored capital. The B2C model can reduce the marginal costs through large-scale procurement, to minimize the cost of logistics and customs clearance in the sea Amoy and other sectors, the formation of a strong price advantage, and with the platform advantages to attract more orders, the formation of higher barriers in the early stages of the development of the sea amoy.

but with Tmall international, honey Amoy platform B2C for the third largest seller of foreign parties to provide different platforms, koala sea purchase this B2C model has a great specificity. The NetEase "koala sea purchase with its huge global brand resources, led by the person deeply foreign manufacturers, origin, after screening, batch direct mining. Overseas certified shippers or brands of hair, avoid the source is not clear, the intermediate link hands. This harsh self scouring sea B2C model, the formation of the overseas wholesale price, while guaranteeing the realization of low quality.

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