Taobao continues to weaken the rate of praise cancel associated with some of the business

evening news on before announcement: following the favorable rate weakening in the search after the cancellation of praise rate associated activities, Juhuasuan, Taobao in the category of gold coins, every day, the trial center operations in special offer.

has always been considered as the most direct and effective way of consumer rights, but also breeds such as the phenomenon of professional assessment division. Cancel praise rate associated with related business, whether or not good?

in the online operation of the clothing store Lin Li said: "in the future, we do not have to focus on how to solve the several poor reviews, how to avoid peer framed above. We can spend more time on the service consumers."

, however, there are some consumers believe that the evaluation has been an important means to contain online businesses. Han Xiang people often online shopping, rarely give bad, but when it is too much of the seller or will come up with this weapon: "such as food spoilage but refused to return to buy, buy is obviously fake said true things, if the poor do not work, some businesses may become aggravated. Consumer rights, consumers have been in a weak position."

Taobao side said that in July 27th after the forum to communicate this situation, as of August 3rd received nearly 8000 feedback posts, there have been many internal debate, the face of a lot of risk concerns." Taobao the vast majority of sellers are trying to serve a good buyer, we believe that at this stage to reduce the rate of praise, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, but it can release more energy businesses to serve consumers."

also friends suggested: can be weakened but not completely lost". Netizen sun broken days, it is recommended: praise rate but also to weaken the bottom line, personally think that 95% is the bottom line, and then the words of this shop is low in terms of service is indeed a problem."