Jingdong shopping Carnival big computer office 1000 yuan deductible coupons limit

April 7th, Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival shock struck, the Jingdong computer office invites you to wanton cool purchase, flames of war hui. Computer office area 1000 yuan coupon to grab a limited, 50 percent off seckill every day! During the period from April 6th to April 24th, at 10 in the morning every day, at 14 o’clock in the afternoon rush to open the notebook thousand yuan coupon coupons, daily volume of 500 or more, until the end that grab. In addition, thousands of dollars to limit the use of coupons to specify the use of models can not be shared with other coupons.

activity area link: http://sale.jd.com/act/AWhnH15p2qVJ.html

game this big ex gratia thousands of dollars to offset the ticket crazy grab

holiday is over, most people are still basking in the circle of friends photos, and fans of the game have been aimed at the Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival, the game began to panic buying equipment, to release the body out of a big kill four. The Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival, not only let the game player can have super cool equipment, with more ultra affordable price to buy my love.

Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival game in this area, ASUS (ASUS) ROG series of games the frequent strokes, a variety of notebook support 1000 yuan coupon activities. ASUS including stable performance, appearance design, tall boot ultra high speed (ASUS) ROG series G55VW 15.6 inches of this game; and people known as Lv Bu, Ma instud, ASUS game in the game of the (ASUS) ROG series GFX70JZ 17.3 inches of this game; more hot blood young artifact, sound, visual touch, let you enjoy the release of ASUS, part of the (ASUS) ROG series GFX70JZ 17.3 inches high definition screen of the game.

super brand day full 5000 minus 300

April 7th, Lenovo brand day, the audience enjoy full reduction. On April 5th -7, Lenovo notebook full 5000 by 300, at least 3000 by 200 (Lenovo), Lenovo Tianyi 10014 inch notebook computer, Lenovo (Lenovo) new ultimate slim this game waiting for you to purchase; on April 1st -10, Lenovo desktop full 2000 by 100, at least 5000 by 300.

computer greatly promote half off spike every day

April 5th – 22, Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival computer office special, the beginning of the purchase of goods every day at 0 points, the total number of goods during the event of not less than 5000 of the total number of goods, grab the end of the end of half off. Computer category is rich, online home buying activities very hot. ASUS notebook full 3000 minus 200.4000 minus 300. MSI game this single stand by 200, in addition, a Jingdong of IOUS delayed 30 days to enjoy 12 interest free installment payment.

computer game 1 yuan Qipai office peripheral constantly

Jingdong 3C Shopping Festival, 1 yuan grab treasure – game computer from $1