Honey bud sword secret electricity supplier phenomenon level IP to create Big Up logic

mentioned 61, people’s first reaction is often a child’s holiday. In 2016 61, not only is the children’s carnival time, more become a business marketing Festival: on the night of May 31, 2016, honey bud jointly Hunan TV Golden Eagle cartoon channel, to create a custom type do not take the unusual way of children’s Day party "61 at night". The party will not only push to the Golden Eagle cartoon ranking provincial TV second position, makes the honey bud APP ranked Store shopping APP class first, at the same time, the amount of registered users reached 8 times the previous honey bud to promote the peak, combined with the visible, regardless of the content is still in effect, all to a "surprise" to


fragmentation of consumer information and the economic downturn in the moment, electricity providers increasingly fierce competition. How can the honey bud focus on vertical maternal field of cross-border electronic business platform, but also on what kind of marketing cheats, talent shows itself from many competitors do? The day before the ceremony, the driving force behind the – vice president of market share as honey bud sword behind this phenomenon the big IP marketing story for us.

(Ren Jian (front left 5) and he led the honey bud market team)

mother and child cross-border electricity supplier rise in the new era of parenting consumption upgrade

According to the "

Chinese industry information network" information display, "2013 2012, maternal electricity supplier market size growth rate lower than the overall growth rate of online shopping market, the beginning of 2014, the market ushered in two maternal electricity supplier of the explosive growth." With the growth of the age of 80 in the network age, after the birth of the army into the 85, the arrival of a new era of parenting, mother and child cross-border electricity supplier has become a new form of development. Jingdong, Tmall, vip.com, Suning and other comprehensive business focus on the development of maternal channels, baby checks, lotus family, babe network, baby vertical business continues to rise, as well as freaky help, baby tree have also from the social networking platform to turn the electricity supplier. Business development trend is more diversified, comprehensive business "golden tree shade", the vertical electricity supplier is ferocious, can’t be held back with its population, community business advantage in large capital markets have a space for one person.

universal two child policy for the development of the mother and child industry ushered in the golden age, the upcoming birth of the population of the mother and baby market potential to further expand the market. In fact, as long as there is the existence of human behavior, maternal and child industry has its relatively fixed population. The group also updated parenting maternal electricity supplier industry an important point to consider, adding more and more young parents parenting group, this group of new generation consumers with a relatively newer consumption concept and higher consumer demand, a new era of parenting will also bring more diversified and high maternal consumption market the quality of products and services.

business media linkage to create "variety" marketing

honey bud as a domestic heavyweight vertical electronic business platform, followed by the current policy and consumption upgrade trend >