Why 90 do micro business to earn tens of millions, but after 70 micro business loss of millions

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, this morning the company group communication, Han always said his friend real case, said that one of his friends is to look at the micro business more fire, she also made a product designed to do micro channel, the thought to play a new model, results did not expect the final loss of millions.

failure is not terrible, terrible is not fail to find the reason, reason of failure is his own summary of the age and previous successful experience, with 70 to 90 after the idea of communication, the result was not in a way, I remember the micro-blog expert Du Zijian often said he was born in 60s after 90 think about it, it’s really important to solve the ideological gap.

below we first look at a set of data, data from the unreliable network


micro business practitioners segment

is not reliable data from the network, in a timely manner is not reliable, can also be seen that 90 is the main force of micro business, which is why they can cause in the micro business play fast, said simply, after many of their work are already accustomed to new things, a lot of people despise scorn after 70, although there are a lot of playing WeChat, but more is the communication between acquaintances, only 90, the maximum age was 25 years old, for life is not what pressure they do is according to their own interests and hobbies to do, not too many constraints.


micro business practitioners crowd

through the network data is not reliable, know the age derivative, the more workers to explain why derivative 90 do automatics, students every day except learning time, will have a lot of spare time, not like the workers that work tired as a dog, go to bed and sleep to work.

Second groups of

derivative is a housewife, obviously, this is very normal, in the WeChat circle of friends and we often see Ma Moumou children in order to earn milk money, time to reflect their own sense of presence, to join the micro business, and most importantly, these mothers, nothing can chat



micro main supplier

micro business trading volume in 2014 according to convey 150 billion, then look at the data at least 80 billion is associated with skin care products, is a cosmetics brand in less than a year’s time the transaction amounted to 2 billion, although I don’t believe, but there are a few billion data fraud, nor what effect of


said many people in the micro business is dying, that should be a cosmetic market! Market occupies a channel share too much is not what a good thing, so the importance of 2015 shows the selection of micro business.