Taobao said the seller’s alliance to form a bargaining pressure on the express industry

            December 1st news, Taobao business platform division general manager Yu CE in Hangzhou organized by the "Taobao Partner Program" to start the ceremony with sina exclusive dialogue said Taobao in the coordination between the seller and the express industry to push the development of express industry, hope to help the big market in electronic commerce, and common progress.

previously, courier collective price, but ultimately the face of Taobao, a major customer, the rapid collapse of the price alliance.

on the matter, Yu said in an exclusive dialogue with Sina Technology, said Taobao is not the interests of the parties involved in the event. He explained that Taobao is between the courier and the buyer is recommended, but there is a maximum price of courier. But in fact, the formation of Taobao’s many sellers of the courier industry to form a bargaining pressure, often the actual price and the highest price is the price difference.

he said that Taobao did not suppress the express price, more of which is in coordination.

Yu CE speech at the ceremony also said that Taobao is the weakest part of the logistics, from the warehouse to the consumer this section of the logistics service socialization by most of the completion of the distribution and provide Taobao not yourself, for if you provide, not only is not good and the cost is high, so is the need for more support for logistics service outsourcing the.

on the express industry standard, Yu CE believes that Taobao will try to regulate the courier industry, but not necessarily can, because more is actually between the seller and the courier company’s consultation, Taobao can assist in the middle.

healthy development and healthy competition on the express industry later, Yu CE believes that the courier industry is fully competitive industry, its development needs the government and industry guidance, Taobao will try to help them grow, want to be able to in the e-commerce market and common progress.

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