Before we talk about the B2B, let’s take a look at these three questions and the four opportunity

Abstract: in 2015, by the national policy of the development of the East and the financial dividend of Internet banking, B2B ushered in the outbreak of the first year of development. But the B2B is facing a new problem: 1, 2, the project highlights industry scandal; homogeneity; 3, the high valuation and financing. What are the 4 major investment opportunities in the new B2B



in the "Internet plus" the next big wave, almost all of the traditional industries are thinking combined with the Internet, it is highly concerned about the capital market, B2B as an effective combination of traditional industries and the Internet took off again, development ushered in the spring. China Electronic Commerce Research Center statistics show that China’s B2B market transaction size rose sharply year by year, from 2010 to 2014 rose by 29%, respectively, 28%, and 22%, in 2014 B2B market size exceeded $10 trillion.

2015, by the national policy of the development of the East and the financial dividend of the Internet, B2B ushered in the outbreak of the first year of development. From the "find X net" to all walks of life broke out, B2B vertical electric present situation also began to All flowers bloom together., facing the industry valuation and financing scandal, double high, B2B development has entered a new norm.

a, B2B development into the new normal

1, the introduction of top-level design.

in September 2015, the State Council issued the "on the line under the interaction of the innovation and development of commercial circulation accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the opinions", to promote the deployment of online and offline interaction, promote the transformation and upgrading of B2B, provides a good top-level design and system environment for the development of the B2B market.

is a support of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and other modern information technology application in authentication, transaction, payment and logistics business environment; the two is to encourage the traditional commodity trading market using the Internet to do strong trading, distribution of goods, price discovery and information interaction and other traditional functions, and enhance logistics consulting services financial services and other new services; the three is to promote the application of Internet technology construction of traditional supply chain wholesale enterprise collaboration platform, realized by commodity wholesale changes to the supply chain management services; the four is to promote the logistics standardization, informatization construction, improve the efficiency of the use of logistics resources, the construction of integrated logistics information service platform; the five is to accelerate the development of the Internet, mobile payment payment, cross-border payments, raise public equity financing and supply chain financial services such as Internet banking, Internet sound credit System.

2, entrepreneurs flocked into.

for 14 years, especially in the last year, with the capital market gradually entered the crazy, B2B heat up, the continuous influx of entrepreneurs, B2B enterprise constantly one after another. According to Ethernet statistics, in the fourth quarter of 2014, B2B projects in the Ethernet platform accounted for the proportion of all projects in the first quarter of 2015, this figure increased by 15.8%, a record high