Idle fish our mission is not to kill Jingdong but subvert Taobao

the afternoon of June 18th, Ali idle fish responsible person of Chen Albert said in an interview, "to kill idle fish had no interest in the Jingdong, what we should do is to subvert Taobao." Prior to the speculation that the idle fish 618 PK Jingdong approach given official denial.

Ali idle fish responsible person of Chen Albert

"in our view, must be able to provide consumers with a new choice and value of new experiences, new, do interact, share the real, is the essence of the Internet business, not to blindly follow."

Chen Albert had previously worked at Taobao for eight years, responsible for product operations and other work, in his opinion, though born in Taobao’s innovation ecosystem, but compared to Taobao, idle fish must provide subversive service and experience. Sharing the economy is the product of consumer upgrades, leisure fish are confident to provide you with a unique community platform."

data show that since two years ago in June 28, 2014 from Taobao after the independence of the secondary category, has completed the fast idle fish leap from one million to one hundred million users of the amount of turnover of idle goods 170 million, become the largest share of the economic platform.

and spread around the 200 thousand fish ponds become more active users of idle fish community interaction, and the basic unit of idle transactions.