CNNIC only 15% users can write the 10 daily English domain name

CNNIC today launched the million Chinese.CN website to create a plan, hoping to promote the value of the Chinese domain name, to promote the opening of the one million Chinese.CN domain name. From the CNNIC survey, only 15% of people can accurately write the daily 10 sites in english.It is reported that

, CNNIC, the first survey of Chinese users access to display, more than 90% of the public believe that Chinese.CN domain is more easy to remember and easy to use, but only 15% people can accurately write daily 10 websites English domain, in addition, more than 7 Internet users said Chinese can carry more native Chinese enterprise brand.

the survey data also said that 53% of Internet users believe that priority to solve the problem of the mother tongue can promote the rapid development of the Internet, much lower than the cost of the network (15%) and improve speed (18%).

Mao Wei, director of

CNNIC, said: "millions of Chinese.CN sites are designed to address the current bottleneck in the development of the Internet in China, to solve the problem of" non native language "in history." deputy editor in chief Hou Xiaoqiang said at the meeting, has opened the Chinese domain name "Sina.CN", the other was informed that the Olympic Organizing Committee has launched the "Olympic tickets.CN" in the near future, in order to facilitate the purchase of Internet users.