In addition to write articles and send the chain, will you




in general, every thing we do now is crucial for the website optimization, we do not doubt yourself, if you doubt yourself, then you can count on who to believe. So recognize that you do now, find a direction, try to do, believe that there is always one day of success.

in a certain extent, the structure and the layout of the site keywords accounted for a large part of the weight in Shanghai Longfeng, many sites do not seem good, ranking is very good, a search for "overalls made" of the word, you can look at the top three, half of all pages in the web site is a company to do, and the content of the website is to let people can not bear to look. This is the beauty of Shanghai dragon. The focus on the user experience of the Internet era, why is there such a phenomenon? In fact is reasonable in chain layout, site structure clear.

on the other hand, although we every day to write articles, send the chain, but there are many methods, such as how to written text, how to write marketing articles and so on; outside chain can be released through a variety of ways, such as saving time, good self media platform, platform class library. Good collection of classified information platform or short video promotion and so on, these are all we need to sum up in the hair of the chain in the process of.


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on the one hand, we can analysis to know whether to optimize the structure of the station, and then get a new sites of the layout, if one day, we don’t need to write articles and send the chain, then the search engine is not changed, we really become Niubi, sometimes we see a station outside the chain, do not update the article, ranking is particularly good, in fact, this is what we need to learn.

Shanghai dragon world and are dedicated to their confusion in the Shanghai dragon, believe in yourself, even if the people of the world

Shanghai dragon world sometimes will think, Shanghai dragon for such a long time I do, seemed to write articles, send the chain, through a chain in which their harvest seems scanty, like this, he will be eliminated. But sometimes we jump out of the thinking frame of thought, in fact we will be many:

speaking now most of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, in addition to write articles and send the chain, what can you do? As the Shanghai dragon we can think, if which day do Shanghai Dragon don’t need to write articles and send the chain, we can stay in Shanghai dragon chicken industry. Perhaps the answer is not.