In Shanghai to see what it means to love statistics cache.baidu贵族宝贝


love Shanghai statistics 1



man said, no investigation no right to speak; slightly moving start, you will find that cache-baidu-com’s visit did not cause drop right according to! I searched for snapshot site:www-***-com broadcast network, found after I entered the snapshot, and then click into the snapshot from the broadcast network, source of love will soon show Shanghai statistics cache-baidu-com: do I look so, broadcast network will be down right

so, as long as the hyperactivity start, it can prove that cache-baidu-com’s visit does not mean that the site will be down right! So why would anyone through the website snapshot make an unnecessary move, the reasons are the following, but you don’t have panic disorder, jump down from the upstairs, because enter your site through snapshot may be through snapshot love the collection in Shanghai, may also be the old visitors find previously seen in a page; if the old visitors find the desired page, then need to attract attention: webmaster website background is not a problem, "open the slow speed, link loss, or the user experience, the user can according to the reasonable navigation required > to find him

love Shanghai statistics 2

can not be denied that the Internet does have a lot of people say that cache-baidu-com visit will be down right! But said these words you will find that people have one thing in common: they make a point of article in addition is not the same as other key words are the same, that is to say, they are the first to have this knowledge of the soft copy reproduced thousands of times, and then put on site for the cache-baidu-com visit is right down the witness as


in our China, people accustomed to copying and imagination; approximate genetic like this long habit, so we are always around on the old road to go! The day before yesterday in a Yinchuan and Shanghai dragon ER cause analysis of cache-baidu-com to the site, because of differences of opinion gap, he confidently said something to me words. The general meaning is: my university is the electronic commerce, the electronic commerce in our university teacher niubable like an expert, I graduated two years in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, this year I fucking like Altman ~ ~ ~ I think, even Altman also dare not very sure said: as long as the love of Shanghai statistics see cache-baidu-com visit, you wait to site is down right now, my site is second days after the cache-baidu-com visit, the snapshot to be deleted, on the front page of the row keywords dropped to 100 after the visit to Shanghai; cache-baidu-com is the love of artificial audit has been reported for the site

path and so on!