On the optimization of page content update and page keyword ranking

do not know other webmaster friends have found that we were in when the update to the website, if the home page is updated, then the page content will change, that is to say, when spiders crawl page group of words will change. If is a large site, their weight is very high, may not care about the home page keywords is changed, the update of all updates. But we these personal webmaster, every day is not updated too much, each time you update the web page content is slightly changed. But I found that, even if this slight change, also affected the spiders in the grab page, key words will change. I like the little life is like a net, I have a long time not updated every day, sometimes a week interval time. Once I find winter health word ranking is very good, the flow is also good, but after a few updates, that could not find the word to bring traffic, ranking also disappeared. I am depressed at the same time also to find the reason, finally found the home contents without this information (because I update the contents of the information caused by the top no).

maybe because I was a rookie webmaster, so just for this problem of concern, but whether or not correct, I want to share with you, so that we can serve as a reference. Is there value, also please colleagues identified. Cut the crap, immediately into the topic.

in view of the above findings, I personally think that the renewal of the home page, to a certain extent on the home page keywords. For a spider crawling home, is a group of words according to the home page of all content, thus affecting the keywords. The search engine will do a few steps in grasping our website, website keywords extraction, home to a large amount of information combination after the extraction it deems appropriate; exclude duplicate information appear on the website home page links; analysis; degree of important keywords. The combination of these knowledge, in order to make the home key fixed, but also can update the page content, and make the site a page weight increase, I test several times, finally still feel that a fixed phrase and update the content more secure. Here I will talk about how I did it.

we all know, website content is king the truth, good content, original information love Shanghai and other major search engines will pay attention to, even if the acquisition is pseudo original is also very popular. The website wants to grow, it must be constantly adding fresh blood, add new content. But as I said above, if the content updates to update the page content, will lead to the loss of key words. Which affects the stability of the rankings. We must think of a way to be comparable, so I started this experiment. Actually, I have been single-handed dry, always want to find a way to master, now did not find, oh! Then let me go this way!

is actually very simple, I just put the home into a site, for the recent promotion of keywords. I put the recent hot words were a combination of a set, set >