Using Shanghai Golden Triangle Dragon Figure keywords layout is no longer difficult

Shanghai Longfeng colleagues, will recognize the first-class Shanghai Shanghai Dragon technology is absolutely lovely China, we love Shanghai from his introduction this page to verify the Shanghai dragon Golden Triangle map, keywords layout theory. In this picture the red circle position, there are key objectives of "love Shanghai" of the word, or its derivative, the long tail word.

? Keywords


Shanghai of Golden Triangle Longfeng map is the use of special equipment, by tracking users look in the search results to browse and click data on the page to the user, and focusing on the time stay position results, marked with color and X, and then forms of an image.

"F" type keyword layout, what is the benefit of the


believe that many novice webmaster do when the page keyword layout, will be at a loss, do not know where to place keywords, we may wish to empathy, the user needs to want to see in what position keywords, so as to reasonable layout of "keywords.

by Shanghai dragon Golden Triangle map, we use the method of partition to target keywords on the page layout and Related words, which cater to the search engine, and provides a good user experience. Shanghai dragon is not only ranking, from the user point of view of Shanghai dragon is the real Shanghai dragon.

what is the Golden Triangle Shanghai Dragon Figure

1 Shanghai dragon Golden Triangle map shows the viewer on the "point of concern, we placed keywords, improve user friendliness, if electronic commerce station can improve the site’s income directly.

by Shanghai dragon Golden Triangle map, do the "F" keyword layout

3 "F" type keyword layout, convenient webmaster of the web content and overall grasp of editing.

Shanghai of Golden Triangle Longfeng colour heavy area, the higher the degree of user attention, the corresponding need to decorate the target keywords and long tail word more.


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2 to improve web search engine friendly target keywords correlation, can enhance the single page ranking in search engines.

page appears to provide accurate information on the web page for the user, also is what we call the target keywords or long tail words, users quickly understand the content of the website, obtain the information demand.