How to choose the correct site keywords


3, should select keywords for natural click. Some people use the brush drop-down box brush love Shanghai love Shanghai index. We choose keywords should be avoided to choose this kind of words, the reason is not the intention of such keyword user keywords, is the human out of the brush, can not maintain long-term search volume keywords. For example:


1, from the user point of view, around the theme of the site to determine the key words, is not the first choice of keywords, and then determine the theme, only our choice of keywords and site theme matching, correlation degree is high, will be beneficial to Shanghai dragon, or search engine will think your keywords and theme correlation is not enough, so as not to good weight. For example: your products: bread machine, you can choose the Dongling bread machine, bread machine and so on good keywords, if Soybean Milk machine appear your keywords, search engines do not understand what is the topic of your site, resulting in weight dispersion.

These are some of my ?Keywords

2, the keyword is too professional, such as the product is also a bread machine, such as the key words of "digital display bread machine, may soon you will love Shanghai ranking to the top, but the word search volume is too small, will not bring traffic to you. Keywords selection is familiar to users of the vocabulary, but the choice of keywords not too broad, too broad, such as women’s cosmetics, tourism, like the word, although very popular, search volume is also great, but such keyword optimization is difficult, fierce competition, low conversion rate.

Keywords Don’t choose

site keywords is essential for the later development of the website, choose reasonable keywords, to improve website ranking, improve the conversion rate play a multiplier effect. So the website construction before the choice of keywords should pay attention to what

from the hot trend, it is clear that, "the bread machine that makes good" the word is out of the brush, before October 6th Shanghai love index is 0, October 7th love Shanghai index is 447, so for this kind of words should be carefully chosen.

4, in addition you also need to consider the keywords of seasonal and sustainable development, for example: the word 2011 ladies winter in the summer will not have too high conversion rate conversion rate, next year will enter "2011".

choice of keywords in the website construction process, we hope to help. The original Admin5 (贵族宝贝hhgps贵族宝贝), first, please indicate the source.

screening in a variety of ways, you can search through love Shanghai, noble baby tools, mining tools and so on, you need to select keywords, how to determine the final keyword selected after

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