Love of Shanghai how search engines determine the site weight value love Shanghai

webmaster do stand are very concerned about the PR value of the site, PR is Google search engine to determine the weights of the website, for the big search engines love Shanghai, it also has its own weight, recently launched webmasters tools love Shanghai love Shanghai weight value query, weight value query promotion let the webmaster tools fire up, love Shanghai weight value is what, how to judge the people confused love Shanghai weight? Kedeng station and we talk about how to determine the weights in the sea.

space on the site is the threshold, the threshold is too high if you spiders are not to enter, it how to retrieve your website to your website to determine weight value. Here is what the threshold is too high? Is space suck, the server often hang on

: first the need for high quality content

love of Shanghai is not only to see the weight value of the content of the website, the website of the chain, and the standard is the site of the construction of the chain of love, Shanghai search engine in the search site, along the site navigation pages within the website link anchor text into the page in the website, to search engine. The construction of a good site within the chain should be very powerful, suitable for the site navigation to find other content sites at the same time, the latest web content should have anchor text link related, which is not only convenient spider crawling can also reduce the rate of jump out of the site.

love Shanghai search engine Zhi in judging the website weight, will be considered in other sites in how many links are links to this site, how the quality of the chain, the chain is how the data, how the correlation between the web site of the chain, these factors are to be considered love Shanghai. Love Shanghai would think so, the quality of a weight high site outside the chain should be very high, if the quality of the chain is not up, the weight value can not go on. So webmaster want to improve in the sea the weight value, to improve the quality of the chain website. The main Bo said, no matter what kind of website, the chain is the most stable of the highest quality even if it is soft, there is love in Shanghai under the chain of their products, such as love Shanghai know, love Shanghai experience.

requires high quality

second: the need for high quality chain


fourth: the need for high quality


the content of the website whether it is for Google or love Shanghai, high quality things will never be out of search engine, spiders and users alike will love new things, the content of the website is the same garbage for it, it will run the whole article network one day, do not know how how much data will be included in its database, if the content of the website quality suck, the spider will only index to your website, but you will not put the contents into the database. If you love Shanghai content in the database and can not find, you think this website will have the weight value in love in Shanghai, this estimate is not possible, so the need for high quality content to love Shanghai weight value.