The success of the website of marketing tool

themes are generally with the hands of the webmaster related websites, so soft Wen written after the first time can be published on their website, and then deliver the reprint, the search engine spiders love something original, this is who all know, believe the benefits in this original do not have to say, so we work hard write an article written out nature is sent to their website, this website days and months multiplying the weight will also increase.

above is A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team to share with you what not soft become a weapon for the success of the website, although only on the next, introduced above is.

Improve the site keywords ranking

The ultimate goal of soft

soft outside the chain is the biggest characteristic of sustainable growth, after not today is part of a website, tomorrow no one reproduced, as long as you write the value, to help users, even a month, half a year later, users are likely to be continued to reprint, and before being reproduced some websites, can not be easily removed, as long as his website, your article will be, that is to say the chain will you may also exist, so the chain is user forwarding, natural growth, the search engine is very fond of, nor will be right down for the sustained growth of the chain.

quickly improve website weight

marketing can bring traffic to the site, a high-quality successful soft, users will expect you to enter the website referred to the soft look in after reading, the user through the soft back link or through search engines in your website, browse the web page, this is a valid IP. With the increasing number of articles have been reproduced, increase the exposure rate of the soft, the natural flow will increase.

is to improve the site keywords ranking in the search engine, can have a good ranking, this is the website for the final result, the web site had ranking, nature will flow, visibility is needless to say, the website weight increased with the increase of flow rate, the user clicks growth, the growth of the chain will naturally increase, these are complementary.

Soft The

outside the chain of lasting and effective growth of

traffic is inevitable

marketing has become the most important weapon of Shanghai dragon, many mainstream sites are now marketing in the first place, not only is the best way to soft site outside the chain, but also to create a website brand, weapon visibility, can increase the weight of the website, so now more and more enterprises put the soft Wen marketing is placed in an important position, spent a lot of manpower and resources to do the promotion of soft paper. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) detailed talk about marketing and why they can promote the success of the site:

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