On the way the sale of links

some of the unique vision of friends on this piece of the market, the use of their human resources, will link contract down, there is a need to sell to the owners or related website managers, however, intensified the link sales trend, has begun to threaten the fairness of the search engine. It is not only the "harm" love Shanghai announcement link, Google released "on the sale of links to a description of the problem" related articles by Google blog, the two major search engines in the fight against link trading, love Shanghai clearly pointed out: "please cherish every vote, rather than the power to sell, but should not be packaged and sold to link agency. If the search engine found sites selling links behavior, it will affect the overall performance of the site in the search engine system." Google said: "these links may come from the waste site / low quality website, blog, forum or website links to trash", through the links to enhance PR, thus affecting the website in Google ranking, and then to increase the overall traffic to the website.

as everyone knows, the search engine will analyze the site for the quantity and quality of the link, in order to make the evaluation of the site and ultimately affect the site in search results, because the search engine that each site sends a link to another site, is a voting behavior, so as to get more links the number of votes will be higher, the website in search engine ranking will be better. In order to quickly obtain high quality links, each method, network resources through the exchange; never mind capital through money to buy some; never mind and no money, only the rules to change the conditions of similar site exchange links, the effect is as can be imagined.

actually, after all, buy links are in order to improve the overall site traffic, so as to achieve the purpose of improving revenue. But now, more and more links is not obvious, especially to buy links, the effect is worse. In fact, Xing Feng also bought the link, after the 6.28 love Shanghai announced new rules, Xing Feng had at all costs spent more than 10000 yuan to buy a batch of love station display weights of 7 or 8 with sea links, two months later, in addition to the snapshot site in the first month of the next day, there is no other effect. The more than 10000 pieces like this for naught, so far, the purchase link has been removed for a long time, the website snapshot still stop in September. By buying links this generous, let I deeply appreciate "not superstition high weights of the link, the link is not omnipotent".

is not a link is useless? Actually, no, links or useful, useful links, links to the sale will have a market, the future trading links where is the way out? In fact, when trading links become a business, is doomed to affect the fairness of the search engine, are doomed to be to be suppressed. The sale of links can only be small, and not become a business pursuit of profit maximization, the future sale link >