The new website is active against the strategy how to help the new algorithm love Shanghai engine

A new algorithm of

website to do leveraging external links is the core, the crucial love Shanghai public information is outside the chain, which makes the struggling webmaster friends and a new starting point and hope, love Shanghai regardless of the true and false information, but as long as you do fall in love with the sea station requirements for your site does not appear to be right down and pulled hair, so my suggestion is the construction of the chain is best diversified, not only to the forum, blog, should also contribute to some website submission to build more diversified chain, in the construction of the chain is the best correlation between the chain, do these points I dare to say that your website complies with the chain information content of the Shanghai public love, otherwise have to modify.

website to do well in the station is the basic force, controllable, many owners when the line on the website have ignored the controllability of the station, part of the webmaster think a site only need to do the site outside work can, in fact, the station controlled website is laid to play the development height of the foundation, can give a very simple example for everyone, if your website title is: eat and play, and other sites in Sichuan, the title is: eat drink in Hubei, playing in Beijing, playing in Shanghai. Is this website title is not more able to bring more long tail traffic for the site, the station controlled as a webmaster must do the site, to ensure the long-term development of the website.


love Shanghai updated and a number of sites fell down in this batch of websites at the same time to stationmaster is the most thoughtful, what is the reason for a number of sites become love Shanghai pie again? And in a number of sites after the fall of love Shanghai also discloses the chain of judgment information, this information is for many web sites, webmaster to the guidelines, but the webmaster friends you really caught the

love Shanghai outside the chain of judgment information seems very simple, in the information described in several site outside the chain and cheating, further reveals the chain market disorder and is not standardized, but this information came out, there are still many webmaster site did not grasp the mainstream of development, the author detailed. Talk about how the site can love Shanghai leveraging the initiative against the search engine algorithm


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site is the key to leveraging, do their own, no matter how the love of Shanghai algorithm change, but one thing will never change, that is recognized by the user on the site, why now many sites are not able to win the respect of the search engine, because these sites do not win customers respect, only to win the respect of the website users the search engine is likely to win the respect, otherwise what is wrong behavior. Therefore we must when power on the site to do the website of its own content, shape the website content that is familiar with the industry to find some people standing in the user’s point of view to edit the contents of this is in line with the search engine and users need to double the content need.