N head boss Beida Shanghai dragon to invite the moon to help the hero

… industry giants!

to help the teacher and Fu Wei, senior moderator of Shanghai Longfeng in WHY also released the recruitment post — the "recommended Shanghai Longfeng senior personnel of apple New iPad on June 1st Netconcepts grand gift, the establishment of the Shanghai branch of


!" > Although


released "6.1 days since Kangsai hero Knight", Shanghai Dragon Knight Hero industry have come to help out, Netconcepts President China drains into the " invite the moon " (Shanghai dragon person).

because the N head drains into Chinese friends boss in many, including ZAC, Fu Wei et al in this area! China Beida, invited many friends to help out. On the 6.5 day, ZAC master (Zan Hui) in his blog, wrote an article "the reliable Shanghai dragon company recruitment Shanghai dragon" talent is reliable, the Netconcepts Chinese District recruitment and congratulate Netconcept Shanghai branch was established. The ZAC wrote: "asked by a friend, issued a Shanghai Longfeng recruitment information. Qucheng Netconcept is the fastest growing domestic Shanghai dragon service providers, if there is no one "

-Netconcepts, President of

came to Chinese time only four years, but has been among the ranks of the

Chinese qucheng

6.4 in Fu Wei Tencent micro-blog have related from micro-blog:

Netconcept evaluation of

June is the enterprise recruitment information to the period, Shanghai dragon industry is no exception. N boss Netconcepts China head branch in Shanghai Longfeng careers wildly beating gongs and drums.

visible ZAC on qucheng is not the master ZAC! "To invite the moon" the purpose is very clear, is to help friends drains into the Shanghai dragon recruit talent, recommend suitable Shanghai Longfeng hero went on to Beijing or Shanghai and Netconcept common development.


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