A love Shanghai, and Google search

love and marine time exclusive of the day, Austria, and. It can be like a crab, rampage, domineering.


love Shanghai a monopoly and timing,

is an honest guy, lengtouqing can stretch can bend, but by love. Google elite, merit. Search for a keyword, the top ten there are a lot of grassroots heroes. Google will not because you are hundreds of years old domain, time-honored, will give you the privilege above the above algorithm.

got the right to search location, but the heart is too late. China netizens are sedentary. However, that has been in the imitation and beyond the Tencent will have to kill love day in Shanghai. Especially the love of Shanghai continue to make mistakes, to the word, not enjoy popular support lost people who lost it.

search engine algorithm in Shanghai before the station is not equal. Love Shanghai know advertisements, garbage, but because of the trust, so many simple search users really get the best answer to love Shanghai know as treasure was pursued. They have the effect really worth mentioning, as useless, it is not dangerous? Such a platform should be closed, should drop right. Because the harm is bigger than spam sites, web search users access a garbage left, without any trouble.

Google was lengtouqing


love are not the same as Shanghai. Love is a villain with Shanghai. Like a worm, but despised can take temporary setbacks. Love Haicha view color words, cronyism. Search for a keyword, especially you grab the fight at outrance keywords, the top ten most powerful family. What love Shanghai, love Shanghai know Wikipedia, love Shanghai library, love Shanghai experience… To own such a high privilege, we do not make full use of these grassroots webmaster, to himself? Don’t blame us stain on your platform, was forced to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices.

love Shanghai is an ordinary person

is not the same two leaves in the world, there is no two the same search engine algorithm. So, after Google, there is love in Shanghai. Love in Shanghai after a search…… Google has been very strong, why is there love Shanghai? Because love Shanghai think they know more than Google Chinese. Love Shanghai has been very strong, why is there a search? Because the search more understand you. And think of themselves by imitating soso sooner or later, beyond the love of Shanghai……

popular, not the world, still need timing and location. Although Google is popular, the day is also good, but unfortunately no austria. So Google search engine in the Chinese road was blocked, unless China rich characteristic of the Internet has changed policy.

in front of the Google search engine algorithm, equal station. The law, be subject to the law. Google’s own web site if violated the algorithm is needed from the palace, will not be tolerated.