The chain construction site multiplier method


I remember running your first website last year, although it is a small station, but it is your first website, still have great significance for themselves! It was after I joined a Shanghai dragon training team to study hard for a month to practice! Wanted to take the station just to practice, because the first site a lot of people in my team basic earnings will not work. But most are also the guest station, I didn’t think too much of this website will not make things, only in accordance with the optimization to the site in a team of

!We all know that

flash has been in 2012, it has access to the Internet to make money for nearly two years, the two years he has been in the exploration and learning, while also know some good friends, and added some teams to enrich and improve myself! I found in a circle for a long time, the this industry is more or less there will be some understanding! I learned some means of network promotion, such as the Shanghai Phoenix, bidding, QQ group promotion means

said above is the first increase in the chain. After my website optimization has experienced more than two months, the website ranking in the second page article > and love Shanghai


your web site is updated daily an article, but every day the chain will go to a few, I was beginning to send the chain in Shanghai know on the release of love, remember the Shanghai dragon in the field of a statement, said the new station is less touch or not to touch the love Shanghai site, easy to cause the site to drop right, for this argument, then after my practice that this argument is completely untenable! I know I released a large number of links to sites in Shanghai at the time when love, love Shanghai know links is relatively easy, the audit is not strict, so leave the website link is relatively easy. Later discovered that their website was not right down, but the chain number inexplicably increased a lot, check the chain found some sites I did not go to the chain, but their website is my site link, last heard a share to monitor team out, the original love is to know Shanghai a lot of information acquisition software source, at that time I didn’t understand what is the reason that the number of site outside the chain own inexplicable increase a lot! Also noted that in addition to love Shanghai know, there is also some Forum Search ask target acquisition software often collected! So in these places to release the chain will make the chain the number of them get a good growth of


do Shanghai Longfeng content is king, the chain for the emperor, I updated daily an article, insist on a full three months, finally in third months when my website to love Shanghai home before three to tell the truth, at that time the heart irrepressible excitement and excitement of a! Month their learning plus three months of efforts were not in vain, even I am pleased that in the optimization of three months I have accumulated some experience and methods! Especially foreign chain in terms of experience up to