The basic principle of writing for the search

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we compared to two articles.

you may change after algorithm addicted. The only really know the search engine is the search engine designers themselves — and they are how people work.

The following

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how to make the site attractive to the search engine? For the search of the best writing the basic principle is: "for the first person to write, rather than to the search engine".

see the above two paragraphs, read after you feel is not very different? Because one is look to the search engines, one is for the user to read. And your users can accomplish your website’s conversion.

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is a common search marketing novice reaction is to search engine optimization of all things, often go to extremes to learn all the minor details of each search ranking algorithm, and excessive analysis and adjust their own site, with each of them to think of a way to attract search engine. Want to "chase algorithm", through repeated optimization continuously, to keep up with every change of the search engine. This is a big mistake. It is useless.

if you get high ranking in the search for you are in "chasing algorithm", and you did not people-oriented writing, you may not get any one click and finally obtained the transformation.

if you want to know why, so please come back to the most basic place. What is your goal? Is to get high search engine rankings? No, get high search engine ranking is only a means to an end. Your real purpose may be to sell products, download information, collect customer information, and for your career contributions. Please don’t forget your goal is to get into the website.

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