Give full play to the role of long tail keywords love Shanghai

when we visit the webmaster forum, often see some questions like "I stand for a long time, found the key words wrong, not much traffic, I want to change the words can be?" we know that the search engine for the website to change the title or change keywords the punishment is very heavy, according to the change of different amplitude fall right in different degrees, so this time we want to change a way of thinking, since the main keywords bring traffic, in addition to the replacement of our target keywords whether there are other ways? Lack this time we should fully tap the potential of long tail keywords to make up for the flow.

there is a very important point, we put the main battlefield is not on the inside pages, is not to say that the page is not laissez faire to management, page snapshot update also.

said we mostly long tail keywords should be put in the website page to optimize the rankings to bring traffic, but look at the two major search engines love Shanghai and Google features it is not difficult to find that most sites included the amount of Google is several times or even ten times to love Shanghai, love Shanghai included release process control quite strict on the website page, if it is large by gathering site, love Shanghai included even included and released, after a period of time when the two filter articles are not original or readability is very low, then fell in love with the sea still will be deleted, and sometimes love Shanghai will also make the update algorithm of attribute the number of sites included reducing the inexplicable. Then based on this, we need to pay attention to when love Shanghai long tail keywords, don’t put the website pages as the main battlefield for us, because the variable is relatively large, so we should be the battlefield on which? Such as the recent forum has many similar posts recently "love Shanghai is searching for a crazy? Words, before five consecutive love of Shanghai know." It is a good reminder that we all know love Shanghai for their products to give high weight, since that is the case, we should put on the battlefield love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia, know and love Post Bar on Shanghai. In fact, many webmaster all know this, but is not to do or not to insist, always excuse is "my encyclopedia pass rate is too low, that does not link, Post Bar made a paste was deleted……" Here, we put aside specific methods not to talk, because both are Post Bar encyclopedia still know that there are a lot of skill in it, we first talk about the implementation of the issue, citing only a word from the teacher "the executive power to the extreme, many people who fail is the lack of execution, no any excuse, in front of the execution is Wikipedia, and know Post Bar are slow and clever living place, need to have patience, this is the charm of Shanghai dragon, because Shanghai dragon is a long-term process, there is a saying that good, successful and failed the gap in what? In fact, the gap is very small, only the successful people who failed to do more than just a little. So, we want to do long tail keywords love Shanghai ranking, we must overcome these three, not to be afraid of difficulties, because more solutions than problems.