An analysis of why the website editor must have Shanghai dragon optimization thinking

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what kind of title has a good optimization effect? Keywords first website and you have a certain relationship, and may include some long tail keywords your website or column keywords, the headline on the keywords often plays a direct role in recommendation, but also conducive to search the capture and display engine.

love Shanghai original plan, site to be successful, cannot do without a lot of high quality content. To build general web content is mainly made by the editorial staff to achieve, so the quality of the editors of editorial content is of great significance for the development of the website and ranking to improve. But how to edit the work quality to be able to enhance the content of the website, although many websites to know the contents of the original degree is high, but the website ranking is not ideal, and a key factor in the emergence of this phenomenon is the editorial staff is not high grasp the degree of content quality.

first, pay attention to the title of the writing. The content of the website is first presented to the user through the title, and the search engine to the user is introduced through the title, although both the website or search engine will show through some description of the contents of this article to let the user know roughly about the content, but a lot of website editors did not describe the writing habits, so they can not describe the content bring a good user guide, and the description of the text size nor the title, so the first visual impact to the user or website title.

is web editor not only to create high quality content to meet the needs of users, but also the need for appropriate innovation on these contents can make these contents can not only get the search engine’s approval, but also to get user acceptance. That is to say the website editors must have Shanghai Longfeng optimization thinking, can effectively improve the quality of website content, website ranking to improve, the increase of flow rate and lay a solid foundation, so how to let the editor to comply with Shanghai Longfeng optimized content of

second, the content of the website must have correlation and title. That is the title of the website keywords in the content as much as possible to show several times, and presentation can be presented in the text, the general accounting for density should not exceed 7%, the other sites in the text but also through the creation of a number of small title, and these titles can also be appropriate to introduce these key words, regardless of the user or search engine, all know the content of the website and the title content has certain correlation, but also accords with the standard of search engine optimization, but also more conducive to the content of the web site included.

third, website content and original to the high degree of smoothness. That is to say the content of the website to read very smooth, rather than the traditional method of original artifacts, website content through simple synonym replacement, or disrupt the paragraph way to deceive the search engine, which included more web content, and now this model is clearly in love Shanghai search engine intelligent.