Talk about the site title in website optimization has what importance

is the title of the site is also very important for the website optimization, especially for small and medium-sized enterprise website, especially important. We in the website must be as much as possible the main keywords, this upgrade to improve the site keywords ranking and weight, it is very important. If there is no keyword appears in the title of a web site, so the site in the ranking of words is almost difficult to exceed keywords with the site title, at least in most cases are not very top ranking. We can see from the search engine in search of the words "XX website construction", ranking is the key words appear in the title of the website. The main reason is that the site title for the importance of the website, we can see that in every search result, are included several aspects, namely the title, description, several web page address, snapshot date etc.. The website title appears in the first line of a search result, thus appeared the website in the title of how important it is for the keyword search results. So, we worked in the title of the site, the keywords must be included in the title of the text, but it is best to appear in the front. For example, we previously proposed the title "XX XX website construction and website optimization field.

site title usually refers to a web page title, is a comprehensive summary of the function of the website and content, is to express the text description of a website theme. Usually the title of the site is one of the most important part of a website, its importance not only in people can open the web site first will understand what is the web site outside, but also in the title for a site weight and ranking has a very important relationship. We for the title of the site should not be determined at random, and should be considered a number of factors to consider and determine the site title. The author emphasizes about the website title for our website optimization in terms of importance, hope to arouse the attention you the webmaster for the site title.


website is the title of people browsing the website first see text. We in the website optimization, must be carefully worked out the title of the site. For general website, website title is usually on a website function and content summary (here the author said generally, those who use the site to cheat, the title of the site may be inconsistent with the content of the web site). For example, a Kunming website construction and website optimization website, we can use the "Kunming website construction and website optimization in Kunming area of outstanding service providers, the first brand" Kunming network company such a title to the site of the main function and content summary, both pointed out the scope of business, namely Kunming Kunming website construction and website optimization. And pointed out the website construction and website optimization is the main content of the website, such a title, when the user see and understand what is the business enterprise website. Of course, the title of the website can only play a leading role and master, content and function realization in every page to do.