Six features of high weight links

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to find the site links, you should be looking at their export link. If the site links to other external websites is not related to the site of some of their industry. There is even some porn, casino, PW and so on these sites, then you think all know, this is how the next update will stand. If you live it, then this is the background. Because this is not scientific. As far as possible with this type of website links. Because the risk factor is too high.

want to link the website, the most important is the site to provide visitors they have actual real demand. You want to make sure that the link, it is important to ensure that the site, they actually provide value to visitors. If the website is to do user experience, the user would like to think of it. Then the station can not export links without weight. On the contrary, if only for the Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon website, if you link to a link that may harm your website, time? Is likely to be the next adjustment algorithm of search engine, so it is best to avoid.


1, the website visitor value is

3, whether the website links derived low quality

really, write here, many people will think that these problems are not old old you? But there is no way, you know, methods, details of whether do? And others in exchange the one you think is before the authority of the site links, is best if you see a look at their reverse link. These sites may now have a very high weight, may be made by payment or other grey practices, so you need to exchange before check, make sure your website in the next search engine updates or security.

links can go through every kind of method. Of course, a large part is easy to obtain. There is also a small part of it is very difficult to get. Of course, the middle part can be solved by the transaction. In my experience, the most difficult is to promote website ranking of the link, but a lot of the time I do not know what the site have much effect.

2, the site is high quality import links

today in this article to talk about high weight links. When you need to connect the most authoritative package, I strongly suggest you through these features, then take the time to pursue the opportunity. If you want to build a link, especially the high weight of the link, I suggest is to first understand these characteristics reduce the waste time on things must not.

Six features of ?When evaluating ?In addition to website is normal?

you need to look at the next thing is whether the site is normal, love Shanghai snapshot in a few days? How many have included several websites included? How fast? The ranking of the site to what extent? How active site? These are just a few.