Rookie Shanghai dragon Er on website structure optimization

website structure optimization

a good website structure allows the search engine to visit our website, the first time to grab our website core content, then we judge what is the theme of the site, but also a good website structure can also focus on our website weight, our website has a good ranking in the search engine also, can improve the user experience, let our website profit.

what is the beginning of Shanghai dragon? Is included, the search engine of our website, we included the page, only included, it may be in our user search keywords, our website appears on the SERP page, which is a problem of large enterprises are most concerned about, because large enterprises, web page the more, how to make search engines as much as possible collection of web pages, that is good website structure.

in an article on the "Shanghai dragon Er learn to look for the quality of the chain", the pony said that the chain can increase the weight to our website, the part >

practitioners know that a web site optimization page optimization and website structure optimization, page optimization is to study the keywords and distribution, pony found, now Shanghai dragon industry people to study key words more, and optimize the structure of the site is not a lot, and we will explore today pony structure optimization site.


two: website structure optimization from which of the

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we can imagine the search engine spiders as an ordinary user, it through a link up to the our home page, and then click on the column page, and then to the content page, if each reading an article is to point to the home page, column page if the user at the mind should be like? I think we should guess, it will be impatient, may browse a few pages, just shut down.

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on the other hand, we will be between the content page and content page in the anchor text link, the result is not the same, a word, or a word, you can also link to other content, in this case, all pages of the search engine spiders can not only browse our website, when the user visits. Even if he is not interested in this page, the next page might retain him. Of course, can not deny that, if the enterprise website is too large, even so, the search engine spiders are not all included in our website, but can be collected as much as possible.

network, it is because each of the sites and sites are connected by a link, then the search engine spiders to crawl to the following links on the Internet in the sea, so we must optimize the site into a mesh, in this case, the search engine spider climb to our site you can follow the links, climb through our website.