Shanghai Longfeng Supervisor qualified training how to effectively edit


1, how to create valuable content

well, our editorial writing to meet customer demand, we should meet the needs of the customers, what are we to write articles on the evaluation of companies engaged in business, and what are these services offer? We are not to meet the user’s needs so you contact? Write the article will have value, will have to read.

1, want to do the evaluation of business customers to search for these words, then what he needs is to assess business "quotation", right?.


. We also consider

as an example, we have to consider why the user to search this word? Our analysis, there are two users will search for similar words,

The modified

2, looking for the assessment work, Shenyang do not know what this company to search this word.

modify the content of others, for his words were released

How to find the

through several pages together, this is the lowest to

from three

inurl www Shenyang inurl BBS Shenyang appraiser firm / appraiser firm

a qualified editor, not just write an article, add a included would have finished the work. Edit the final working aim is to create a valuable content, allowing users to browse, to allow users to share, so that improve our website traffic, various optimization index, if the editors to write articles according to the quality,.

we search "Shenyang evaluation firms" in love Shanghai, so figure, there were several companies.

how to create valuable content? The value is to solve the problem of the user. We give an example:

2, how to choose or write the contents of the

Shanghai dragon practitioner teach you two search command here at



when we meet the user needs in this area, we consider the user to do the business of the.

, stimulating demand

intitle Shenyang appraiser firm

a company’s website editors are generally hiring up new, not much editing experience. A good editor can make your website optimization easier to this, people, we are in charge of Shanghai dragon should do what training? How to cultivate a qualified editor? Then Shenyang Shanghai dragon practitioner to you today from the three aspects of the contents of this share.

content: an editor is a master