What love Shanghai decryption of a new generation of search concept of intimate search more intimate

is a new generation of search engine is just a concept, love Shanghai intimate algorithm is to enhance the user search.


as above, in the search for the words "baby sleep", love Shanghai right gives related words such as list boxes, seem to be associated with love in search of Shanghai are similar, but in fact than love Shanghai related search more comprehensive, in which each stage of pregnant women during pregnancy are divided into very fine. The general search keywords such users for new parents, or pregnant mothers, of course, this part of the user really need this knowledge or information, now love Shanghai’s intimate search can be quicker and more convenient to provide users with information, just a search keyword weight loss method ". Did not find such human search results. Love should be Shanghai intimate search is in the testing phase, but also impossible to search words in various industries, various types of tests, after all, love Shanghai right this place but also to love Shanghai for advertising. But this intimate love Shanghai also need to upgrade and improve the algorithm, this may be a long period of time.

in October 16, 2013, "love Shanghai night", Lee focuses on the love Shanghai recently a new search technology, called intimate search, what is the intimate search? Careful friends should have found it, now in search of film and TV series name, love Shanghai will set out the relevant right the actor’s information, and the actors who played the television or movie. Can be said to be more humane, the search technology and Google recently launched a hummingbird algorithm is somewhat similar, at least two are consistent in purpose and direction, that is to make the search engine more intelligent, not to stay in the search word surface meaning, but really dig the true intentions of the user. For example: I love the sea in search of the latest Google algorithm ", of course I want to first see is on the Google hummingbird algorithm introduced or article, or is a collection of Google over the years the algorithm obviously loved Shanghai did not give me such results.


search engine can not accurately understand the true intentions of the user search engine just after all procedures, no human logical thinking ability, but the search engine is to quickly provide users who want more information, according to the Google hummingbird algorithm to determine the meaning of the sentence, abandoned the single key words the traditional. Shanghai love technology in this area is far better than Google, but intimate search really let us see the love of Shanghai’s efforts and achievements, hundreds of millions of search users, everyone has different search habits. A search of the same intention, there are a lot of words, plus China text only by the surface meaning, broad and profound, understand its meaning is very easy to make a mistake. So the search engine must have the character recognition ability strong, can according to the reasoning behind the search words really mean that, for each search engine, are extremely difficult. So how to measure love Shanghai’s intimate search? See below: