The webmaster should be how to mining the chain resources and rational utilization of resources chai

to share with you today, I was doing about the chain of resources mining consolidation in Shanghai Longfeng process. And how we deal with the chain resources. As we all know, we are now with the chain this piece, the weight of the chain for ranking in decline. But some maintenance and treatment at the early stage of our late, it is quite important for the chain of the competition. So here I’ll tell you about how we are going to look for more outside chain resources, and how to do. It is for you today two main content sharing.

1, the chain is the web site of the chain mining method.

2, the search instruction of the mining method.

3, online collection.

then summarize the chain resources mining peer site is how to do, we are the first in the industry to obtain the keyword search rankings better. To analysis them again. To get the resources of our chain. Because peers can do, of course we can do, including his Links. This is the first thought.

The mining method of

will give you a detailed explanation of these three methods.

The next

2, the search instruction of the mining method. Using the method of inurl instructions, we find BBS use: inurl:bbs, we find the blog with instructions: inurl:blog, all kinds of instruction. Use this command to find the corresponding outside chain resources, for example, we are looking for fitness BBS we can use instructions: inurl:bbs fitness, so find out all about fitness forum forum. This is our relevant forum, the forum for >

1, the chain is the web site of the chain mining method. How do we tell the web site of the chain mining method to do? We cite an example! For example, we made a loan website, we want to find the chain resources now, need to see the chain counterparts. We first went to Shanghai in search of love "loan", that is your industry keywords. Search out, we don’t need to look at the website promotion, website and love Shanghai encyclopedia, we find the top three websites into their website, some of his Links, this is the first, the second aspects? We see his other chain, before there is a YAHOO the chain query, but now the function has been canceled. Now we can only use a variety of query of the chain tool. The Firefox browser, there is a very good query tool. Of course, these things are the reference things, these things we should be used to make mining tools, because we are fellow mining sites, we dig out is the weight of relatively high. You can chain resources peer site to good use, you can use them.

first: the first is how we are going to look for the chain resources, so here I introduce three methods.