Interpretation of the influence of Shanghai dragon industry environmental health of the three groups

When it comes to a lot of service sales in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai dragon industry "smearing"

can be said that the Shanghai dragon network company sales staff for many companies has brought great changes to the understanding of Shanghai dragon, especially some of the sales service of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon clerk to exaggerate the efficacy of Shanghai dragon over without any Shanghai dragon skills, indeed Shanghai dragon is very important for online marketing, but we can’t myth it! This is the flicker customers, when customers find the Shanghai dragon effect did not imagine the good time, drop the resulting effect is too high will make many enterprises believe that the Shanghai dragon is not a reliable way to promote.


Shanghai dragon training institutions


First of all, the sales staff

there are many Shanghai dragon training institutions, but in fact these institutions ability is uneven, some more formal training institutions such as the Shanghai dragon WHY channels, we can learn a lot of Shanghai dragon only through these training institutions, but even so, the teacher brought in personal practice, this also led to a lot of students learning training institutions in the performance is also very different, a part of Shanghai dragon is originally not much interested in that will be cheated, what did not learn. In some professional training institutions, more than 90% of the Shanghai dragon training institutions are actually not much professional and depth, and many people chose these training institutions

front, so as Shanghai dragon industry is the protagonist, how to affect the health of Shanghai dragon industry? This is actually decided by the Shanghai dragon Er individual character, who only love to show off the Shanghai fur but contact Dragon er, when it comes to a problem slightly senior factor. In addition, part of Shanghai dragon ER take the black hat techniques that, after short-term gains certain interests that Shanghai dragon is but they have mastered the best technology, in fact the black hat technology itself is a kind of discredit Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon to healthy development.


today’s Shanghai dragon industry we can often see some about the impending doom Shanghai dragon’s remarks, but my view is that Shanghai dragon distance end a long time. I think, whether at home or abroad, online marketing in Shanghai dragon will have a space for one person, as long as the search engine exists, then the Shanghai dragon will not disappear, the only change is probably the Shanghai dragon form and the proportion of online marketing. But we also have to face a problem, that is the Shanghai dragon has no early years so beautiful, attributed from the people for not understanding Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon industry environment development malformation, not enough health. Here I come to talk about the impact of Shanghai dragon industry health of three groups.

finally, Shanghai Longfeng employees