On the space and space for the love of Shanghai Tencent website traffic doubled

. We may say how likely, Tencent listed companies will push for a small business? I must never trust. All kinds of goods but we can use the Tencent to achieve. Now the Tencent goods now beyond count. Let’s say the familiar Search ask, QQ space, QQ group, QQ mail, and even recently very fire QQ bottles. Then we should be how to use it, of course, to choose the first Search ask the question in our remarkable hot degree, professional reply to questions carefully, to help users deal with questions after leaving our information. This is growing, customers will gradually get accumulation. We are not familiar with the QQ space. The ordinary day in many good articles or video are the QQ widely forwarded you, then we’ll catch this way out. Find a good idea perhaps making funny video and additional information on our own will bring the unexpected harvest. If you are professional enough, do some useful tutorials on your space will make the forwarding rate is greatly improved, invisible to the site to bring a lot of traffic.

well, today temporarily first comment on the two aspects. These are the months since I’ve been doing, insist on the. You only need enough diligence, so traffic is enough diligence. Want to make a good website traffic, sometimes the most stupid way if it do usually is the most efficient way. Of course, the Internet is changing, there are many good ways to be I don’t know but we are very familiar with, we can expect a lot of communication, sharing a self experience.

The first point: Tencent This article is intended to

> together with their peers


search engine optimization to flow, but how to get traffic, in addition to some policy keywords and long tail keywords bring traffic, there are other ways to improve the site traffic? The answer is a must. After a search engine, we can also through many other ways to get traffic. This article mainly gives us comments on how to use the Tencent and Baidu traffic doubled.

second: baidu. Coincidentally, Baidu and Tencent was similar, but the baidu product is more rich, we can use Baidu Post Bar, Baidu know, baidu space, Baidu Library to implement our website and product. Baidu just began to try not to advertisers, although Internet ads all over the place, but you’ll have to gradually cultivate long time customers, in one aspect you will rise above the common herd in this area so hard, gradually accumulated a number of loyal fans, many fans, but also afraid not sell goods? If you can cultivate a loyal fans, so he (she) will tell his brother, his brother will have brothers, this promotion potential is great. Baidu know I can achieve the same flow, before answering a question if 1-2 IP is able to use usually every day, but when you ask questions about hundreds of thousands of times, how many