Love Shanghai web search results show thumbnails and picture and text mark

6. sixth points and fourth points is similar, namely "dynamic image and static image, dynamic image and static image in love before, Shanghai catch? The author found that the general situation is the first picture of love Shanghai will grasp static for thumbnails.

3. the length width ratio of 2:1 is recommended, such as: 440px:220px.

A few months after the

8. love Shanghai whether grab thumbnails and graphic signage and website quality, the quality of a certain relationship. Because it is not difficult to understand, said above Shanghai intimate love >

love Shanghai updated search algorithm in the PC side of the web search results page love Shanghai snapshots in front of increased display, A5 owners and home owners and other large Shanghai Longfeng portal, are given a description. Figure 1:



regardless of the site or article, page must have at least one picture.

by the end of this month (December) – love Shanghai once again upgraded the PC side of the web search results page love Shanghai snapshots in front of increased graphic display algorithm will directly display thumbnails of the web page. Figure 3:

The authors found that Since the beginning of the August 2013

7. love Shanghai grab thumbnails and picture ALT tag has no direct relationship.

page contains 5. pictures, picture love in Shanghai will be the first priority crawling on the upper part of the thumbnail. Sometimes there are exceptions, but overall is still in the first picture.

2. pictures can not be too small, too small initially suspected picture is not displayed.


1. The authors found that

4. love Shanghai on the dynamic picture is not so friendly, most love Shanghai thumbnail grab is static fixation.

love Shanghai continuous upgrade algorithm, will be part of the site within the pages of text label is directly converted to more intuitive display thumbnails. Figure 2:

The author of

through repeated observation, or find some traces, provide a way of research.

, a series of "graphic" algorithm upgrade actually belong to love Shanghai this year proposed "intimate search" part, the aim is to high-quality content more recommended to users, improve the user search experience and reduce the cost of screening.


however, the author also found that not all websites are only with pictures, will display thumbnails. So, we must think about this without exactly what kind of thumbnails must comply with the requirements or specifications will be displayed? Of course, love Shanghai and strategies and algorithms show not tell you webmaster specific. Plainly, this can only rely on yourself to find the test.