How to optimize the site list page directory optimization to obtain high ranking high flow

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single page optimization method

will now do the top-level domain name ranking, a lot of friends outside the chain, inside the chain, all kinds of methods are used, but for a list of Web sites, or some single page more difficult, how to do a single page website optimization? How to realize the hair of the chain, do not Links and single and station group. Do not update, not a single page within the chain, how to realize the high index today focuses on how to achieve this effect. Love Shanghai recently adjusted algorithm. The layout of single page structure is very good website will give unexpected ranking. Of course, it depends on how you write, structure layout is reasonable. As well as the realization of this ranking, I did not say is home, could be a very good level directory. Do not send the chain, does not mean not to love Shanghai, so you can make love Shanghai included. Do not Links can understand, now do not do friendship can get good rankings, don’t do this single, can also be ignored, single chain is more than just Links better. Station group is more needless to say, this kind of stuff is too hard. Do not update a single page updates are refers to find the link to this page in the station does not do within the chain.

covers 3. Title keywords, such as the Shanghai dragon, then we can search the NBA2K12 page ranking are those sites that have those features, in line with those of user groups, we find all download site, so these sites only brought a user, users to download the game. If we want to realize this word, it must be another way, the concept of some different sites to re interpretation of the word, to different user groups, like Shanghai will give a high evaluation. We can write a report on NBA2K12 or NBA2K12, the rules of the game, and similar authoritative article.

so we’ll see how the layout of a single page, a good single page must comply with the following characteristics.

2. of the original, and has the characteristics such as the industry authority, adjust the report of this form.

3. since it is a directory page, single page all the text must be around the keywords NBA2K12 code, with the most simple HTML code, using DIV structure, adding a small amount of CSS calls. The DIV property is divided into six layer 123456. A description of each layer of long tail keywords. For example, the first layer of H1 on a NBA2K12. What is the second layer of H2 NBA2K12 [Third] with content layer NBA2K12 how to play [attach] content and so on. Each section of the text must be maintained at 200-300. At the beginning of the end must have a long tail keywords collocation. For example, second layers of what is NBA2K12. The content can be described. NBA2K12>