Shanghai dragon and a magic – love Shanghai mobile search region labeling

believe that the webmaster will be found in the analysis of the flow, bring traffic from mobile search keywords, as compared to the PC side, the regional demand is more intense, because a large number of mobile end users to use the search scene is in search of his surrounding information. We know there are surrounding the search function in the love map of Shanghai, according to the "instructions", can think this is actually an upgraded version of the search around. The peripheral search algorithm into the mobile search in the natural way, for ordinary users, the search results more accurate, more humane; to seize the opportunity of the webmaster, will probably become a shortcut to a new wave of entrepreneurial star.

has been the most effective method for moving Shanghai dragon only "mobile adaptation", according to the requirements of the official love Shanghai mobile PC station and mobile station to do a matching relationship, which makes mobile web access and PC mobile station basic difference is not too much of the search rankings. After adaptation, there is no more effective means of Shanghai dragon. The surprise is that love Shanghai mobile search in early August issued a "love Shanghai mobile search region optimization service description" (referred to below as "instructions"). If the "mobile adaptation" can be called the first big mobile Shanghai dragon, then love Shanghai mobile search region labeling can be regarded as the second magic mobile Shanghai dragon, and is almost exclusively for mobile Shanghai dragon.

precision regional flow of high gold content


we know, in fact, long before the local search, but regional search just past according to the user’s query (search word) and the user’s IP information, combined with the key words in the page text to do some regional fine-tuning in the original search results. According to the "instructions" can be seen love Shanghai mobile search has put the region and web site features are also added to the correlation calculation, in return search results can be used not only to the provinces, city level, can be accurate to the landmark level (for have regional longitude annotation of web pages). In addition, it is understood that the love of Shanghai mobile search will be in the next local web links on the visual region small label, in order to meet the needs of users expected regional search results, click rate, vigorously support the development of regional search depth. The final should be achieved when I use mobile phone search "Shanghai love cinema", directly in the search results to give me back from my recent movie related information.

for some sites is to locate the local user, the same with regional query requirements, in the original search results is needed and the same "competition, only need to annotation and positioning of local competition". Anything into the country, the weight is high, the content is good, as well as their strong geometric page "beyond count but only limited in the local scope, >

according to the "instructions" and I understand that the information analysis, the geographical latitude, marked "and did not mark" compared with the following advantages: