Rookie to learning Shanghai Longfeng road free

I don’t know if you have this feeling, when you meet something smooth things, not always continue to shun. Due to business failures, about a year’s girlfriend is forced because the family broke up with me for so called. In fact, the essence of women in reality. So, stay in Zhejiang will feel boring, so I was carrying luggage back home.

2012 May at home I accidentally browse the site we found an article about Shanghai Longfeng article, so I carefully read, do not look good, look deeply attracted me. So I began to consult a large number of Shanghai Longfeng information on the Internet, after a few days in the minds of the collation and analysis, I draw the network of the future is Shanghai Longfeng, mainly reflected in the following two points:

in 2012 March, I am in Zhejiang years of operation of the auto parts store because of mismanagement, eventually helpless "put up the shutters". This is a fall from heaven to hell, from there to, I faced a 26 year old man has never faced. Like most people, at this time I have some decadent, confused, I started all night playing online games, nightclubs, bars, although in many young people today’s eyes, this life is what they admire and love life, whenever there is my experience people will understand that in fact this is just a a sense of emptiness, is a kind of do not know their definition and placed in what position the stage. During that time, I must take their "whole" very tired can safely fall asleep, but the dream will come a lot of the shadow of the past.

two, Shanghai dragon is a rumor network

is now the network world, every day many people issued to businesses unfavorable articles, some are true, some are also out of thin air. The author believes that the development of more and more Internet users in the future, Shanghai dragon is the network rumor weapon, if the enterprise that appeared on the network of defamation, by Shanghai dragon.

I dream of

net, contact the computer for 3 months, is a genuine rookie network, the Internet in addition to watching movies and playing a game of skill, not all the other.


, a Shanghai dragon is the future life of

Shanghai dragon is to use their understanding of search engine, through various means to let you or your website to publish the information ranking, (here refers to on the first page). The information in front is likely to let potential customers find your online contacts, and promote dialogue, finally become your customers. On the other hand, we also know that no matter what business is what products or services, customers are the lifeblood of the enterprise, not the source of customers business is not even unable to sustain development. With the development of the times, Chinese competition is increasingly fierce in all walks of life, some even to the white hot stage, certainly is the future of enterprise, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, we must think of a way to the development of customer source, and thus I can come to the conclusion that Shanghai dragon is the future of business lifeline.