Release the four skills of the chain, to further enhance the website ranking

, a resource rich platform

exchange chain there is a lot of knowledge, once appear mistake may cause bad effects on the website, we have to do with the industry chain exchange, do not cross industry. For example, you are doing the Internet website, but you can type and computer accessories website exchange chain, so there is no role. The exchange should also query the other site is illegal records of the friends of the chain, whether the nofollow property chain, this class does not transfer the weights of the operation. In exchange for friends of the chain after regularly check whether the other your friend chain deleted, into a single unilateral weight transfer. There are many aspects here is not to say, want to know friends can go to my blog to see.

some friends said the chain is not very important, the ranking of the site is not large. I think this is wrong, because the search engine technology continues to improve, the hair of the chain quality requirements are increasingly high, if we blindly or walk the road before, it would be counterproductive. We should keep up with the pace of development of its own search engine, in order to adapt to the development of search engine terms appropriate to do outside the chain, the chain of high quality, the site’s ranking is very helpful. The author today is how to send the chain to the site for everyone to analysis.

three, the chain of the unique content and scarcity of

through the search engine to search for advanced instruction to release the chain platform, the intitle and inurl instructions, find the site through the webmaster tools query weight of its website, published on a weight high site, weight high website indicates that the user is sticky, web resource rich, recommended here can go to related industries, Post Bar the forum, classified information website, but some weight high website is not fast.

resource rich platform is the platform in all aspects of knowledge are related to the platform, the better, more abundant resources, the article also included more quickly. We can leave the link in some third party blog platforms, such as micro-blog, Sina, Shanghai love space NetEase etc.. Because the search engine is now the chain weight on the blog platform has been reduced, so in the early advice blog first issued links, blogging platforms such as stability of high weight, the release included, the effect is good.

The exchange of Unique

two, Links.

the Internet now lack most is the content of the eighty percent is the repetition of the content, so the search engine for this part of the original love degree will be higher. The release of the chain in this paper is scarce at the same time, but also can meet the needs of users, because the essence of our optimization is to meet the needs of users. Can not meet the needs of users and the original article is useless to. As Shanghai dragon Er we should have a keen insight into the ability to analyze the users most want to see the information, and have good writing skills in terms of this part of the information written. This kind of high quality.