Shanghai dragon four to upgrade the keyword ranking

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1. there are plans to increase the quality of Links

just registered account can first reply, do not hurry to post. The answer is a skill. The best reply to the latest release and the essence of the content of the post, the purpose is to increase the speed of collection.

This means

business network chain

, Links effect on love Shanghai ranking effect is obvious. A 3 increase in value chain weekly, persevere. But the number of outbound links preferably not more than 25. new exchange chain especially hard, need to use a variety of ways, high quality friend chain exchange. As usual with the owners to establish good interpersonal relationship with feelings, exchange links, or to identify go9go贵族宝贝 platform exchange site.

examination included pre registration. As the following forum Links exchange forum, has released a long post query, search engines are not included in the above link made more in vain.

Forum promotion includes direct advertising and the use of personal signature propaganda. If for a short time to release a lot of effective information retrieval, can love Shanghai: intitle: advertising area, these plates can be site promotion. But there are also some commercials need to send members to reach a certain level, or pay points, then need patience cultivation forum. Forum to promote the skills required:

Promotion Forum According to the experience of The weight of

is beneficial to improve the keywords ranking. Keywords for optimization, this work is not little. Ensure that every day in more than 10 blog not less than 10 pieces of information.

business network is very high, and targeted, once included, the quality is very good, also can maintain the stability of long time chain. Ensure that every day in more than 10 business net release of not less than 20 pieces of information.

only from the view of optimization, is necessary to grasp the comprehensive technology, including a variety of means to promote conceptual understanding and practical operation. But the master is not enough, if you want to reach a higher level, proficient in some means of promotion is particularly important. When the optimization promotion for a new plan, how to do? Do website optimization work, as long as the key is not particularly popular, the level of competition is not too fierce, adhere to the following four points, we can realize the keywords ranking promotion.


how to handle registration invitation code? Invitation code can have several conditions, one can not fill, two is provided by the forum special sections, three plus Q group or individual claim, four is the e-mail application. One advertiser usually give up. If so, it would be a great loss. It is more difficult to register the forum, generally the higher the weight. For the invitation code process and results can often get unexpected returns. If I join a forum Q, know some good master, and the establishment of feelings. Another time, I add a forum > tube

3. blog anchor text links