The effect of the recent changes in Shanghai sandbox love on the formation of new medical

: the first is no longer on the net change.

This is because the number of

stations outside the chain of the new station suddenly changes lead to love Shanghai right down, is still recovering, has experienced a change in rank and snapshot delay, uninterrupted take the following measures: save in

the second step: with the advance of time, probably in 6.5, love Shanghai has exposed its face, included many new sites began to slow up, many new sites or even a day included only a small percentage of articles, and many of the new home page snapshot becomes slower. In this process, a lot of is right down the new ranking and began to decline, and even some new situation will reverse the situation before 5.20, this let many webmaster friends trouble.

love Shanghai 5.20 after the incident, Shanghai becomes very strange love, especially for the medical industry of Shanghai new station, love is particularly strange, but also love Shanghai sandbox effect embodied in the more obvious, here, some reflect mainly talk about love Shanghai recent changes to the new medical.

second: the website will be.

sandbox effect, I believe we all understand, especially the Google sandbox, this is Google own argument, and everyone has experience, and for the love of Shanghai sandbox effect, although love Shanghai has not an official recognition and interpretation, but most of the webmaster can still understand this point, usually think love, Shanghai to a new station building trust time period, this time is mainly aimed at the website of different types and different keyword index differ, generally between 1-3 months, under normal circumstances, in the love of Shanghai sandbox time, if the webmaster do too many changes to the website, or do some cheating, will trigger the penalty mechanism to love Shanghai, resulting in a delayed site assessment period, long time no ranking The appearance of.


of course, this is just a personal part of the observed phenomenon, not representative of all, but it also shows that a change in the process of love Shanghai in 5.20 after the events, and personally think that love Shanghai more and sandbox effect on the cheating of the railway station is more obvious, punish the increasingly long time, this is a big test for many webmaster.

: a collection of many new and past slow love, Shanghai 5.20 after the incident, Shanghai has speeded up the love for the new sites included, basically a lot of new sites to get an on-line collection, and up to the new sites included in the article, a lot of new articles is the second, and the love of Shanghai is a change in the past the new snapshot delay most of the new snapshot style, are the next day, and it is very easy to do, most of the webmaster as long as seriously, it is easy to see the rankings to rise gradually. Some is right down the railway station, this time also has been restored ranking signs, this let many webmaster love Shanghai exclaimed kind, began to webmaster friendly, confident and start up.

The first step of