Eight key factors influencing optimization of Shanghai Longfeng must know the ER (two)

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article "in an article on the Shanghai dragon er must know the eight core factors that affect the ranking (a)" the author summarizes about Shanghai Longfeng optimization four core elements: server space and webpage layout factors, website content factors, keywords layout and density.

search engine to give the title is quite large, the title is the name of the web page, is also the most important web spiders recognition criterion. I once took the www.***贵族宝贝 station list, before heading to write a very professional, and the words did not unify, modify a month after the keyword ranking was raised to the first three pages. Here and meta tags mentioned mean only want to talk about the teacher’s word around everywhere — experience, title, keywords, description, navigation and keyword anchor text. In love Shanghai Baike have related explanation, but the 5 points to four was written directly. Keywords a general settings of the page 1 to 3 almost, in the description of 2 to 3 times the keyword OK, navigation as a supplement for the home page keyword density, optimization can make use of this to do the station link, the effect is very good. The essence of Shanghai dragon is the anchor text page, we need to improve the keywords need to be reasonable to control density (this is described in detail in the previous article), focus on other pages to the target page to do anchor text link, which is why we attach importance to reason station interconnection.


so the article then summed up his own a little experience, know about the title and meta tags design, URL design, domain name and web link structure factors, the factors of reverse link. About these factors is also very important in Shanghai Longfeng things, every point of improper handling of it could make his undoing, with

fifth, meta title and label design.

can know more friends!

after the paper published a lot of people trampled on, the reason is you see only the 4 factors, some feel cheated, most of the critics said no problem. In fact, this is because you reading habits, you read a little bit careless, the title of the article is written (a), at the end of the article, clearly written "the next article will summarize four core factors: after the title and meta label design, URL design, domain name and web link structure factors, the reverse link factor". This point I think it is not good, the network information is very great, but we have to be careful to get the information, I was also very careless, prior to a technical problem with the sea search to find a look back, but found that the answer was clear in the article written, after slowly and carefully the habit of reading. The author here that there is no criticism you mean, focusing on the exchange, I hope this platform by A5

sixth, the domain name and URL design.

for the domain name person did not feel what problems, usually dozens of pieces.