Calm thinking love Shanghai 7.18 click event


in recent days whether all kinds of stationmaster net or Shanghai dragon group, everyone is talking about a topic: the beginning of July 18th the click event, as everyone knows, after 6.28 K, a large number of websites is right down. This crisis directly to the majority of the personal webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng staff, some staff had to leave the Shanghai dragon. Because the site is a customer or company, so this group of people will certainly have a complaint. Hard to do the station instantly with the block, there is a lot of love of Shanghai K, the author of the station is. There are a number of owners organized began to love Shanghai click for advertising, I think their purpose is simple: to love Shanghai can give us a reasonable argument. Because the influence is too big, people think the webmaster is not what malicious.

7.18 events: the webmaster to calm reflection

7.18 event: Shanghai officials need to think calmly

what kind of website optimization, or what kind of style do Shanghai Longfeng, I think these things only you know best. If you stand too much garbage, the original not a few. Or some unhealthy websites, the station group, a large number of links to buy cheating way to get a good ranking. This website.

for the 7.18 event love Shanghai official should also calm under the importance of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon must be mutual benefit and search engine. The only way to benign development, Shanghai dragon depends on the search engine. But the search engine will not completely abandon the Shanghai dragon, I think this is love Shanghai official clearly than anyone else. The K stand a great blow to the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng Er, love Shanghai official also gives an error handling feedback address: 贵族宝贝tousu.baidu贵族宝贝/webmaster/suggest K but mistakenly stand too much, the webmaster of "Easy Access" didn’t work. The 7.18 event, hope love Shanghai as soon as possible to deal with, as a Chinese certainly want to use its own search engine China.

for the webmaster behavior I don’t want to evaluate, as a miserable personal webmaster life is hard. If the event is a large-scale K station in order to improve the user experience, to combat spam, then as a regular station or Shanghai dragon Er, will applaud. Because it can hit those with black hat gimmick, let the white hat Shanghai Longfeng better and more healthy development. The 7.18 event is not over, although the author is not a member, but from the Shanghai dragon group to understand, there are still many personal webmaster to join. In the face of love Shanghai, calm is not enough, but this time is no longer required. I think if no personal webmaster and Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love is not easy. This is how to do learn Google, Google China exit, but there are still many China users love with Google, rather than the love of Shanghai.