A tiger with wings added subdomain optimization


1. domain name

like the one that search keywords "notebook", a total of 8 sites on the home page screenshot, only 2 of which is the top-level domain name website, the rest are all sub domain name website. So you can see the importance of straightforward sub domain name right? So I said that the sub domain optimization well, equivalent to the site wings. To optimize the sub domain there are many ways, the following I will briefly 3 main key points.

to search engine to quickly search, you need to set the appropriate, people commonly used words. In the 6 sub domain name of the website, we see his website with the words "computer". That is to say, when sub domain optimization, we should not only pay attention to the key words Chinese, also want to pay attention to the English English, after all, is the international language, is the most widely used language in the world, through the optimization, can effectively improve the site click rate and flow.

have a lot of time, promotion and site optimization of electronic products are inextricably linked. It can be said that the website optimization is an essential part of every web site. Many people will from time to time to optimize the website, but more often they are Shanghai dragon. Today I want another optimization method of sub domain optimization to introduce to you, the good subdomain can make your website a tiger with wings added optimization.

The content of the website

like this screenshot, there are obvious content division, type, brand, price, screen size, cards and so on the choice to the user in the top-level domain experience.


Optimization of

is basically two level optimization as long as it is outside the station optimization and key station optimization is Links this one. In Links exchange, we must pay attention to the relationship between. Avoid irrelevant answer. 000.

sub domain, is the site of the two level domain name. Many webmaster in optimize only thought of website top-level domain optimization, completely ignoring the potential role of sub domain. Below I will use a picture about the role and function of sub domain.

3. Links.

webmaster friends all know that the site is the essence of the content of the website. If the content of wonderful attractive, intangibles locked many long-term users, the benefits of this nature is self-evident. The sub domain optimization in different sub domain lies, must also have the corresponding columns, groups, discussion and so on, is to give users a top-level domain like user experience. This was the establishment of the webmaster friends may be a bit difficult, but if you want to be the site of long-term development, this is an essential step in. This requires patience and diligence, need a lot of time and energy input, see the webmaster friends are willing to work hard in this area.