Four the construction of the high quality chain

secondary: correlation of

, is outside the chain to the target site and maintain relevance, such as a pharmaceutical industry website is always in the machinery industry forum outside the chain which not only let the search engines don’t feel good, and did not help to increase the amount of user access. There are three chain platform correlation, pay attention to the content correlation, correlation section.

diversity The correlation between

this is very important, some people will be outside the chain to vote, if our chain only in a few platforms, or several forums, the number more on the overall site optimization also have little effect, and may even be a search engine at.


wide is not enough, must also be diversity, diversity is reflected in the diversity of links, anchor text links, links, text links, platform diversity, inquiry platform, classified information, industry directories, search engines let a welcome the site on a wide range of adduction, is a natural site search engines love.

The stability of the chain is

first: the stability of

well first write so much, because just contact site optimization. So I hope that the senior master pointed out that wrong, my study will be of great help.

contact site optimization has a few months time, the study found their own lack of knowledge of the moon, like a balloon, when no gas sense knowledge is very simple, and to enrich their own knowledge and found the original site or is not as easy as you think, today I will simply sum up a few months ago to send the chain the experience to do a small summary, published that it I hope you can give me this rookie some comments and criticism, I can make further study and also for those who just contact the industry novice a little experience to talk about. Good nonsense how much make up, get to the point, is mainly about the chain of some experience. The chain for the emperor of this sentence, every contact site optimization that shows the importance of the chain. I summed up the four characteristics of high quality the chain in the construction of the chain:

which is not easy to be deleted and a certain weight is not easy to search engine to abandon the link, if a chain just made a few minutes is deleted, it is not called the stable chain, if a site is the chain is very dangerous, may be included in the search engine next time it will eliminate the search engine all the time the exclusion of those dead links. The stability is also reflected in the growth of the chain, can not be a sudden increase in mass outside the chain, also can not suddenly reduce a lot of the chain which may be a cheat on your site for punishment. The chain roller coaster is outside the chain of consequences,


third: widespread.