Discussion on the status of the current web site and the Shanghai dragon live

said that this is a cheating and competition of family background era? But in the lottery industry, the money may not be able to put on the bidding in Shanghai, because the lottery this sensitive words, no good channel, the rich do not love for Shanghai. You fall in love with the sea search lottery network, in Shanghai as well as the 5 million sex bidding, such a large NetEase lottery website, other small sites simply do not bid.

in the face of this situation, you can only get a space for one person in Shanghai Longfeng. However, with the continuous adjustment of love Shanghai algorithm, the lottery website Shanghai dragon also appeared difficulties, so less investment and return the search engine optimization way, also have money toward the momentum of development. The lottery website optimization without doors is most webmaster headache. A good channel originally a few dollars a soft release, now a dozen blocks are not to send, the lottery belongs to the gaming industry, now can not accept such soft wen.

believe that everyone is obvious to people, a lot of lottery industry nominal national lottery center authorized the slogan, but its essence is deplorable. In addition to the lottery advertising, then the lottery network promotion and Shanghai dragon, we are most familiar with is the lottery extrapolation, speak a little bad point is that advertising, making the Internet garbage, only the pursuit of quantity not quality promotion etc.. Shanghai dragon is the love of the Shanghai lottery industry focus targets, coupled with love Shanghai algorithm to update and improve the lottery.

I just graduated from college, entered the Shanghai dragon in this industry, has been engaged in the work of the optimization of the lottery website, contact the lottery industry for so long, my biggest feeling is chaos". This mess now font content of the website and the network promotion, the construction of the lottery website content did not consider the user experience, a lot of yellow, spam, the blind pursuit of flow. In the network promotion, the chain extension of the lottery website, it is in no bottom line to send advertising, find a new platform for the continued doing repetitive work, until it is dead on the back. In the search market, the medical industry can be said to be one of the most lucrative industry. The website 贵族宝贝7ien.cn/cprj.aspx lottery software sales in recent years, I optimized experience on the current status of the lottery industry and the Shanghai dragon live to do a simple analysis.

from the beginning of March this year, the state of the online sale of color has taken certain measures to rectify, many small lottery sites have been forced to shut down. In this case, the lottery website optimization problem is more difficult, the lottery network owners is undoubtedly one disaster after another. Love Shanghai the adjustment of the algorithm is that many lottery network owners want to switch once, in the face of this lottery industry and Shanghai dragon live, I can only find a new road.

: love Shanghai lottery industry bidding on hard

two: false advertising,