Web site keywords ranking is how to increase the relationship between tool

two, link correlation:

The correlation between

Wuhan Shanghai dragon bastard believe a lot of friends all know do website optimization, website keywords ranking a big key steadily is correlation, then the correlation is what it is, in fact, can be roughly divided into 2 Contents: correlation and Links correlation, the 2 well, do not want to website ranking up to Kazakhstan (unless other problems)

, a content correlation:

content correlation is also involved with the correlation, website and content and content. A very simple example of Kazakhstan, the correlation with the content of the website, I like this blog is Shanghai dragon blog, if I go to love all day, this is a violation of the correlation with the content of the website, search engines will not tell you what is this site dry and why you love it., right! Website content is actually according to the website keywords derived, website keywords and long tail keywords derived and auxiliary words, which also gave us content to create favorable correlation function, we are also clear, some relevant keywords derived website may be as many as hundreds of thousands of these contents, light you go to the writing is enough you are busy, so for the website content relevance, I believe we all have their own insights and awareness of

search engines have to adjust every day, we do not understand the core algorithm, but we can only do the user experience, strong correlation, I believe that our search engine for the station’s attitude will be very good, because the search engine to the user constantly thinking of return the best results, the user experience of the site and directly correlation between the hook, we do website optimization should follow the search engine to go, to go with the user, this is the real website


inside the chain and Links 2 (not entangled in Links is a chain, only here to describe the reasonable,) we all know the chain need to comply with the correlation and universality, also wrote a few articles of the chain, such as: do some shallow talk the basic way of the chain, are interested can look carefully, the general chain is similar to the love Shanghai domain most of us need to do correlation, such as I am Shanghai dragon blog, we need to find similar to the Shanghai dragon forums and other types of site outside the chain, of course in this. We also want to find wide and go to some other Wind Horse cattle less than to leave our website links. Here is another very important thing is Links, when we find the peer exchange link exchange links, is very good for the website ranking, but if your weight is very high, so for your website is much better, these all need to pay attention to the

! This actually involves

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